Surgery Ward

Surgery Ward Introduction:

Surgical ward with a total area of 422 square meters located on the second floor next to the ICU.

President and Technical Director: Doctor Sepher Ara Specialist in General Surgery.

Head nurse: 

Internal Phone Number: 239

Number of Room: 16

Number of Active bed: 15

Admitting Patient’s Doctors: General surgery, orthopedics, ear nose and pharyngeal, urologists, ophthalmologists, pediatric and internal

Kind of admission:

  • Elective patients that are referred to the clinic by the specialist.
  • Sometimes due to lack of space in other sectors in terms of women's surgical ward by the supervisors opinion patients are hospitalized in this ward.

Therapeutic interventions in this segment:

  • The admission of patients for elective surgeries and care before and after surgery such as cataract surgery, nasal fracture prostatectomy and urinary tract stones and all kinds of hernia and ...
  • Hospitalized after the surgery and emergency care of patients before and after surgery, such as fractures, appendicitis and traumatic chest and ...
  • Hospital admission for further evaluation in patients with clinically.
  • Hospitalization of patients with surgical complications such as infections and surgical site infections in patients with wounds and bedsores.

Medical equipments:

ECT, EKG, wheelchair, Suction, Emergency trolley, oxygen capsule, Negatoscope, kinds of sets.

Working Hours:

Morning shift 7:45 to 14

Evening shift 13:45 to 20

Night shift 19:45 to 8



  Sajad Hospital of Kermanshah