Emergency Location:

Emergency department with an area of 340 square meters located on the ground floor and has two Entrance.

President and chief technical responsible: 

Head nurse: 

Internal Phone Number: 208

Number of rooms: 2 under supervision Room, 2 Outpatient unit, 1 ECG unit, 1 Injections and Bandage Room, 1 CPR Room, 1 Triage unit, 1 Rest room, Doctor Examination Room, Doctor Rest Room.

Number Of bed: 4 Admitted bed and 2 Outpatient bed.

Admitting Patient’s Doctors: General surgeon, Orthopedics, Ear, nose and pharyngeal, Urologist, Optometrist, Pediatrician and Internist.

Kind of admission:

  • Elective patients that are referred to the clinic by the specialist.
  • Outpatient and emergency trauma, etc.

Emergency medical care in this hospital:

  • The admission of patients for elective surgery and pre-operative care.
  • The admission of patients for emergency surgery and pre-operative care.
  • The admission of trauma patients to further investigate clinically.
  • The admission of patients with surgical complications such as surgical site infection.



 Sajad Hospital of Kermanshah