Radiology Introduction:

Radiology unit is located on the ground floor with an area of 75 square meters.

Active Sectors of Radiology: Reception, Room exposed, Darkroom, Radiology equipment room, locker room, W.C and warehouse.

In the chart, the hospital's radiology department under the supervision of technical staff.

Radiology Technical Director: Doctor Fereydoon Kazem Zadeh.

The personnel unit: 

Radiology Services: Simple radiographs by analog devices.

X-ray radiology department to get the sick who cannot go to radiology uses portable devices.

Radiology unit shifts: Personnel works in the morning and evening. Personnel on call duties to the night shift for each of 15 nights a month have to be on call.

Leave personnel: personnel for 30 days in a year's furlough.

Admissions: inpatient and outpatient.

Insurance contracts include all hospital insurance contracts.



 Sajad Hospital of Kermanshah