Environmental Health

Environmental Health introduction:

  • Environmental Health Unit is located on the ground floor next to the Nursing Station.
  • In the chart Environmental Health Unit is under the supervision of the hospital management.
  • Personnel working hours: The occupational health unit working hours, such as administrative units from 7:30 to 14 pm.
  • Environmental Health responsible duties are separated in two parts :Monitoring and Office Affairs, Accordingly Environmental Health responsible daily and continuous processes necessary measures to monitor and conducts the following: Accordingly, Environmental Health’s responsible continuously processes necessary measures to monitor and conducts the following:
  • Monitoring the cleanliness of department / hospital units
  • Daily and weekly washing programs for hospital wards.
  • Monitoring and control of microbial water quality sampling and measurement of water daily chlorine residual in the hospital water piping network.
  • Monitoring, prepare, cook and distribute food on kitchen units.
  • Monitoring, planning and implementation of programs for the control of insects and rodents hospital.
  • Necessary studies to prepare and buy disinfectants and disinfection requirements, guidelines how to prepare different dilutions of consumables.
  • Filing service and monitoring the personnel's health card.
  • Monitoring of collecting, transporting linen and dirty clothes to the laundry and delivery of items of laundry to the sections.
  • Monitoring on the separation, collection and transportation of waste.
  • Monitoring on washing and disinfection of tanks and waste handling and temporary storage of waste and safe site of waste.
  • Visiting and health monitoring on other environmental health topics based on job description.
  • Active participation in environmental health committee as the committee secretary And measures in the field of environmental health, make recommendations and follow-up legislation to achieve results.
  • Participate in training meetings that organized by the health departments of the university and city health center.
  • Participate in internal meetings attended by the president of the hospital and hospital officials in order to advance the goals of environmental health.
  • Efforts to implement accreditation standards for environmental health unit.


 Sajad Hospital of Kermanshah