Medical Records

Medical Records Introduction:

Occupational Health unit is located in the basement floor of the hospital jointly with the Department of Human Resources.

The overall goals of medical records:

Medical Records has four units and the overall goal for every units are:

The main purpose of medical records filing unit: Systematic maintenance of medical records to be available to patients and other authorized users of the medical records.

The main purpose of admission unit: Admission for emergency and non-emergency services, inpatient and outpatient in the domain of hospital regulations.

The main purpose of coding unit: Classification of medical records in terms of diagnosis, treatment measures, and other external factors have been approached and that disease is due to the acceptance of research and research purposes.

The main objective of Statistics unit: Providing precise number of services provided clinical, laboratory and hospital patients and preparing statistical reports as tables, graphs and analysis results to the higher-level managers and hospital management.

The purposes of medical records - filing unit:

  • Arranging medical records based on a standard bond.
  • Control received file by the medical records of quantitative and qualitative terms.
  • Control number assigned to inpatient admission records.
  • Send files and regain control of records of patients in relation to medical researchers.
  • Responding to a legal references.

Specific objectives of reception:

  • Getting the correct profile of patients for outpatient and inpatient medical filing of a valid identity card or identification card case.
  • Completion of admission and discharge sheet items based on patient instructions and the certificate by typing the exact address and phone number of patients



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