Nursing Management

Nursing Management introduction:

  • Nursing Management Unit is located on the ground floor of the hospital.
  • In the chart, Nursing Management Unit is under the supervision of the hospital administration.
  • Responsible for nursing management unit:
  • Telephone : 37253901 and 219 for internal
  • Working shift nursing management unit includes: 7:30 – 14 all days of the week even holidays.
  • Personnel Leaves: personnel for 30 days in a year's furlough.

Activity description of Nursing Management Unit:

Nursing Management Unit coordinator for all health units, to convey and assign personnel to coordinate medical consultation, therapeutic control of all administrative units, Complaints handling In the first phase, production and distribution of narcotic drugs, writing daily report's Office, monitoring of hospital committees hold regular meetings, report deaths to the Department of treatment, writing application code 99 and send a copy to the Department of treatment, writing doctors and specialists on call program and send a copy thereof to the department of health and departments and specialists.