About us

About Sajad Hospital :

Sajad hospital started again in 2010 after two years and to provide public services, its own specialty and subspecialty. The hospital has an area of over 2800 square meters with sections : Emergency room, maternity ward, surgical ward (general), orthopedic, eye, ear, nose and throat, restored - beauty, operating room, CSR, ICU, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, kitchen, laundry and all units and support departments hospital and has attracted more than a hundred of young and experienced professionals begin to work.

Hospital Mission:

Sajad hospital in order to deliver the accreditation from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education with the requirement to improve the quality of office, his agenda has the following mission:

  • Health care providers with the quality and safety of patient rights in order to service recipients.
  • Create conditions for continuing education for staff to increase capacity and reduce errors.
  • Efforts to expand the services offered to recipients of services in order to achieve the strategic plan of the hospital.

Statement of corporate values:

  • Customer and honoring human dignity and satisfaction of patients and their relatives.
  • Quality assurance and culture of superiority and excellence in service delivery.
  • Respect for hospital staff and commitment to nurture their talents.
  • Observance of merit in the promotion and earn a higher administrative position.
  • Confidentiality of patients and customer.
  • Fairness and to avoid disparities between partners.
  • Respond to the authorities on the basis of the organizational hierarchy.
  • Promoting creativity and encouraging innovation.
  • According to the principle of medical ethics.
  • Respect for patient rights and its implementation.
  • Trying to preserve the environment and the lack of contamination by staff, patients and their relatives with adequate training.


 Sajad Hospital of Kermanshah